How To Create Your Own URL shortener service

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Shortening a link is sth that most of you probably have done with systems like, And turn a long link into a shorter one. Well, this has lots of privileges; for example, when you write a long link in the caption of your Instagram, you can’t expect people to type that, so You shorten the Link so that it’s more easily accessible.

URL shortener service with your own domain

With this method, you can shorten your links with your domain, and there is no need to use other services like

For example, you have a domain named! and want to use this domain to shorten your links.

Let’s learn how to do that.

But before anything, make sure that you must buy the domain first, but any domain with any suffix will do

To initiate this system on a separate domain, we use the free service.

For the first step, you check that site and sign up for a free account for yourself. You can join in quickly with your Google account too.

After making the account and signing in, this screen will be shown to you; add to your personal domain and click on “Add my own domain”.

In the next step, you should enter your domain, and this domain will be used to shorten your links.

If your domain is empty (I mean, there is No site active on it) and you want to use the domain itself (without a subdomain, etc.), click on the first option. And if you’re going to use this shortening link on a sub-domain, choose the second option and enter your chosen sub-domain.

After entering the domain, you will see this on your screen:

The next step is to set IP on your chosen domain. In order to do this, you need A Record with the IP you entered before. (one is enough). If you Don’t know how to make A Record, you can see an example here.

After creating A Record go to “domain settings” and choose setting IP from the “domain status”.

As you see in the picture, atop the entered domain is still unrecognized. This may take one minute to many hours, depending on the suffix of the domain.

When the domain is activated, you should see “active” message like the picture below.

Well, that’s it. From now on, you can shorten your links with by your own domain. This site has different plans which you can use when you need them. Its free plans let you add three separate domains maximum and shorten 1000 links on each. To see more about the plans and more details, click here.

How to shorten the Link?

All you need to do is to enter the Link on the part shown with red rectangular and receive your shortened Link with your personalized domain. You can even personalize all your link slugs.

I hope this tutorial was useful for you :)

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